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Thanks to an awesome employer, I was able to attend WordCamp San Francisco 2013 over the past weekend. And it was full of face-melting, WordPress-knowledge-mic droppage. I thought I'd share some quotes that have stuck with me:

"I say baby-aggrivating stuff. Sorry."

"Be the first person in the room to take it visual."

"Have you ever tried to recover a site from Google's cache? It was 2005 ... I still have nightmares about this."

"I even made a plugin called Stop query_posts()."

Andrew Nacin, Automattic

I didn't get any juicy quotes out of this talk, but I did get homework... I'll be reading over these for the next several days:

Yuri Victor, Washington Post

I loved this session and could have sat through another couple hours w/ this speaker. He is awesome.

"Move forward w/ small changes. [It allows you to accomplish something] and makes it easy to move backward when it breaks. I try to change one thing everyday that I don't like."

I also want to frame his recipe for brainstorming sessions in my cube at work.

Recipe for Brainstorming

  • Small Diverse Groups
  • Stickies and Sharpies (every idea gets written down & collected)
  • Candy because candy is awesome
  • Timer (5m!) ... come up w/ 50 ideas
  • NO devil's advocates in brainstorming... they are the DEVIL!


This one wasn't really from WordCamp, but found it in my email this evening and couldn't resist: