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Ready for your heart to melt?

Lately, our bed has become quite the hangout spot for the family. Tonight was no different. Martha had an infusion earlier today and was dozing in bed. After dinner, Abby and I decided to play King of Tokyo but Abby suggested we play in our bed so we could 'be near Mommy.' While not exactly the best environment for a game w/ lots of dice rolls and a big deck of cards, I figured, how can I say no to that reason?

After playing for a while, Abby was getting close to the 20-point victory mark. (I tend to lose to my children a lot in board games.) Her monster was in control of Tokyo as her turn started. She gained her 2 points and rolled her first roll. A set of three 3's right off the bat. It was the 3 points she needed to win.

With Martha still dozing, I did my best to quietly exclaim, "Abby! You did it! Does that take you to twenty?" Before I knew it, she was turning her score dial backward several points and had an undiscernable expression on her face. "Abby, honey. Why did you turn it backwards? You just won, sweetgirl!"

Almost shyly - in this quiet little voice - she said, "I really like playing with you an' I don't wanna win yet."

crying face


She can be King of Tokyo tonight. I feel like a king of dads.