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Turns out I'm a fickle developer that wastes some time every now and then jumping back and forth between Sublime Text and Brackets. I've been on a Brackets kick for the last couple weeks and figured I'd make note of my favorite extensions.

Brackets is an ever-evolving, freely available, open source, cross-platform editor being developed and maintained by Adobe + a community contributors. It launched with some great features a while back and is maturing at at great pace.

Top 10 Brackets Extensions

  1. Emmet — extremely fast html & css shorthand/generation
  2. Brackets Git — Truly excellent Git integration
  3. Search with Google
  4. Markdown Preview
  5. Brackets Icons
  6. TODO — Manage Todo items and Notes within your projects.
  7. Alice — Interact with GitHub Issues from within Brackets
  8. JSHint
  9. PHP Syntax Hint
  10. Handlebars Syntax Highlighter

Developer’s Toolbox: Brackets

Recently, over at Learnable, @lcatdesigns put together a 10-minute video of her favorite parts of Brackets. It’s worth a watch if you’re new to Brackets.

Honorable Mention

This one is more of a novelty, but quite cool. Brackets-Wakatime allows you to automatically track what you spend time on within Brackets (or in several other editors, really). Pretty slick.