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Thanks to my employer, I was able to spend the last three days furiously scrawling notes at hole while attending the Responsive Web Design Summit put on by Environments for Humans.

What an incredible event! #RWDSummit


I knew I'd be learning a ton over those three days as I've only really dabbled in RWD up to this point. What I didn't expect: the session about Email to ROCK! I've struggled w/ getting emails to look right in various email clients in the past, and at this point, the thought of Outlook still using Word as it's HTML rendering engine makes me want to vomit. Justine Jordan opened with really positive and surprisingly contagious attitude about the task. For me, she renewed the importance of focusing on well-crafted emails and for my users and offered up some really useful tips and techniques. Let's just say I'm looking forward to re-watching this session when they release the videos.

Other Highlights

Brad Frost's Atomic Design talk coupled with Dave Olsen's Pattern Lab elaboration the next morning. Brilliant.

Perhaps due to inconsistent bandwith capabilities of different presenters, audio drops and video freezes were strangely common for the sessions. Pausing the screen was an approach usually taken to resolve the issue. Dave Rupert's purposeful freezeframe was a hoot to stare at for the rest of his talk!

rupert freezeframe

OMGLOL! New (to me) placeholder image service: NiceNiceJPG

And not to sound like a Rupert fanboy, but when he gets his "View the Source, Luke!" shirt printed, I'll be first in line to pick it up.