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The HR dept at work is starting a new program centered around employees living a healthier lifestyle. Originally, it was to be called 5 a Day - 5 a Week. The program encourages participants to try eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day, exercise 5 times a week, and do something to release stress 5 times a week. It's an admirable goal, to be sure. The name was definitely meh. They needed something fresh quickly and asked me to try coming up with a better name before launching the program.

I don't normally get to engage in this kind of project - but I really enjoyed the process. After brainstorming visually a bit in Fireworks, I sent a PDF of word/phrase ideas to be evaluated. Strive for Five won out[1].

Strive for Five logo examples

Before I knew it, I was sending over logo samples.

I won't claim that these are amazing or anything. I'm sure I made mistakes that real designers will snicker at. But hey, I'm proud of how they came out and the folks involved were really excited to have the new name and the logos for the announcement - I got this in my mailbox early Friday morning:

18 people have already signed up for Strive for 5. I know it is the logo inspiring them!

  1. Martha and I have joked that Fruit, Flex, and Sex may have been even more inspiring. ↩︎