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I picked up the new MX Keys Mini from Logitech earlier today. I debated a bit in the aisle whether to get the full-size or the mini version... Ended up picking up the one that would take up less room on my desk and could be considered portable -- Might just carry this back and forth[1]. Probably shouldn't have for $ reasons, but man, this feels night and day better to type on than the Ergo K860. Sure the ergo angles were nice, but it took up so much room and the key travel/feel was really subpar. The MX Keys Mini has really nice build quality and charges via USB-C.

This is a lot better. Still 3-device switching. Still quiet to type on. Some interesting new F-keys are enabled on this model: Emoji picker 😎, Screenshot mode 💯, and a quick, clear MUTE MYSELF 🎙! Really quite nice!

The arrow keys are smaller than I'd like them to be... we'll see how much that bothers me over time.

  1. 2022-04-09 update - This does not get carried back and forth. It lives permanantly at home on my desk. ↩︎