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Career Day was in full swing at my children's school yesterday. Despite having to follow a helicopter pilot in one of the rooms, I had great fun speaking in 2nd, 3rd, and 6th grade classes. We talked about what IT stands for, helping sad/stressed-out users, wet computers, loud servers and switches, designing forms, and building websites.

Career Day Thank You Notes

When I came home from work this evening, I found a large yellow envelope on my desk that contained letters from my daughter's 2nd grade class. They all began...

Dear Mr. Bishop,

Thank you for teaching us technology. My favorite part was when you told us about I.T. project manager and I liked when you told us what you do. I liked when you showed us a picture of your family. We really appreciate your kindness.
From, N.

I like your job it is cool. Thank you for teashing us! :) My favorit part was when you showed us the tangled wires. You are good at your job. You are awsome.
Sincerely, C.

Thank you fore taking your time teaching us abot technology. My favrot part was when you showed the pitcher of the cofie. I liked the time when teached us. I liked lisining to what you were saying. I really had a great time.
Your friend, R.

Thank you for teaching us about your job. My favorite part was when you told us about I.T. It was fun learning about your job.
From, G.

The last one in the envelope started differently...

Dear Daddy, Thank you for speaking to my class about your job. I love you. Do you think coding is hard? [heart drawing] html hehe! What does I.T. stand for? My favorite part was when you showed a little bit of coding. Is it ok that I call you I.T. guy? Can't wait to see you tonight.
With lots of love I.T. guy, Abby

[ahem] Who put this wet stuff in both of my eyes?