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I use a lot of browsers throughout the day.

screenshot of several browser icons in a Launchpad folder on macOS

Up until a couple days ago, that meant when testing specific things, I had to right-click a link, copy the url, then paste into the browser I wanted to test in.

With Bumpr installed and set as my default browser, it intercepts links I click and pops up a quick menu of my installed browsers[1] for me to quickly choose from. It’s a tiny interruption in my normal browsing around, but it’s so worth it for the convenience it offers.

But it doesn’t stop there… it provides the same functionality with email apps. Say you have the native configured with your work email account and some other app like Spark or Airmail setup w/ your personal account. Click on a mailto link and Bumpr will ask you which email app you’d like to use to compose and send your message.

Bumpr's UI for choosing a mail client after clicking a mailto link
  1. or a subset of them… you can configure which are available ↩︎