New Family Rule

While not a new rule for us, this clip is certainly worth a watch.

Happy Dirty Chai Day Friday


May is Melanoma Awareness Month

The month of May is Melanoma & Skin Cancer awareness month. Martha and I will be amongst those attempting to ‘paint Facebook/Twitter black’ by replacing our normal profile photos.

If you’d like to join us, put on some sunscreen and use the image below.


Team ¡Mela-NO-MAS!

WordPress sticker on my windshield

Around this time last Saturday, I was driving up to Phoenix for Press Publish. Felt like I earned extra points for showing up w/ a big WP sticker on my car.

Today I favorited… 04.24.2015

Today in ‘people telling you what you should probably already know’, working late is a terrible idea and you should never do it. Unless you have to, in which case: you have to.

via Versioning #222

Not gonna lie… tempted.

Wapuunk Grey T-Shirt at

Wapuunk Grey T-Shirt – Hello Merch

Update: I changed my mind. I want this one.

Samurai Wapuu Black T-Shirt

Amazing phone wallpapers made from satellite imagery

WLPPR – These are ridiculously gorgeous!

WLPPR image sample

Every pattern on this page is, in fact, a satellite image of our own planet Earth. Which is breathtaking, but strangely unsurprising. Choose one as a wallpaper for your iPhone to always remember who you are and where you come from.

Not only are they gorgeous, it’s fascinating to see where in the world each image is from.

Mmm… Coffee in bed

Three Things Almost No One Gets Right About CSS

If there’s a lesson I learn over and over in web development, it’s this: Never stop learning.


I ran across an eye-grabbing headline — “3 Things (Almost) No One Knows About CSS” — in the April 17th edition of Versioning1. The author writes about a free CSS test that’s been online for about 6 months and observes…

“…plenty of practicing developers don’t know CSS as well as they think. Out of over 3,000 people who have taken the test so far, the average score was just 55%.”

SitTheTest: CSS

Before I read much further, his mention of the test made me wonder how well I’d done when I took it last fall. So, I jumped over to the site, logged in, and discovered I’d only taken the HTML test2. The CSS test had been untouched. #memoryfail

It was either the coffee I was drinking this morning, or I physically felt the pride in me swell. In fact, I’m pretty sure my pride got up from wherever it was lounging, turned to my intelligence and said, “Hold my beer.”

The Test

After lunch today, I decided to take the CSS practice test. It touched on some areas I haven’t dealt with much. I tried to mentally fight through some of the more difficult questions, but since it was a practice test, I gave myself permission to go try a couple things in CodePen. Even with that affordance, I ended up earning an 80%. I learning a few things in the process. Not bad, but definitely wasn’t feeling as confident as I did while taking the HTML test.

I then figured, well… while that was humbling, I’ve now got my CSS knuckles cracked as it were. Let’s do this!

The questions for the real test were along the same lines, but they were different enough to make it just as hard the second time around. At around question 7 or 8, I realized that taking this test ~30 minutes after eatling lunch was probably a really bad idea. By realized, I mean that I actually caught myself falling asleep. I got up, walked a lap around the building to get my blood moving and sat back down to push through the rest of the test.


My SitTheTest CSS results - 80%

Turns out, the 3 things mentioned in the article were a doozy for me, too. Along w/ a couple more (they indicate which ones you got wrong for the practice test; but they don’t reveal it when you take the real test).

.feeling {
    d'oh: 100%;


All this thinking about CSS reminded me of this old gem:

I guess I can only claim to “do that CSS up right” 80% of the time? 😉

  1. If you do anything related to webdev, go subscribe to this newsletter. It’s totally worth the time it takes to read each morning. 
  2. 92%, baby! 

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