IT Confession

Bah! Just had the opportunity to apologize to a user for inadvertently forcing their network speed to be 1/10th of their capacity. Ugh. You’ve heard that woodworker’s pro tip: “Measure twice; cut once.” I’ll now “cable-trace twice; configure once.”

New job & New skills

I started my new job last Monday and I’m really excited about the things I’m going to learn while here. It’s strange to ‘grow up’ in my IT skills at one location for 9 years and then end up in a place where things are pretty different. There’s much less reliance on Windows servers, little […]

Dream job?

Ran across my dream job (I think) at the U of A’s College of Pharmacy last week. It sounds like many of the IT responsibilities I had in the past – w/ the added focus of web development. I’ve been wanting to get into the development side of things for a long time now. It’s […]