Talk: You’ve got some Intranet on your shirt

I had the opportunity to speak at tonight’s Tucson WordPress Meetup at CoLab Workspace. I built a corporate intranet with WordPress last year and these slides tell the story.

Tonight was a great learning experience. Hopefully, they’ll have me back as a speaker – I wasn’t able to share my love for Grunt.js. (I now know just how short 10m is!)


Favorite Quotes of WordCamp San Francisco 2013

Thanks to an awesome employer, I was able to attend WordCamp San Francisco 2013 over the past weekend. And it was full of face-melting, WordPress-knowledge-mic droppage. I thought I’d share some quotes that have stuck with me:

“I say baby-aggrivating stuff. Sorry.” Nikolay Bachiyski

“Be the first person in the room to take it visual.” Scott Berkun (paraphrased by Grant Landram)

“Have you ever tried to recover a site from Google’s cache? It was 2005 … I still have nightmares about this.” Mark Jaquith

“I even made a plugin called [`Stop query_posts()`](” Konstantin Kovshenin

Andrew Nacin, Automattic

I didn’t get any juicy quotes out of this talk, but I did get homework… I’ll be reading over these for the next several days:

Yuri Victor, Washington Post

I loved this session and could have sat through another couple hours w/ this speaker. He is awesome.

“Move forward w/ small changes. [It allows you to accomplish something] and makes it easy to move backward when it breaks. I try to change one thing everyday that I don’t like.”

I also want to frame his recipe for brainstorming sessions in my cube at work.

Recipe for Brainstorming

  • Small Diverse Groups
  • Stickies and Sharpies (every idea gets written down & collected)
  • Candy because candy is awesome
  • Timer (5m!) … come up w/ 50 ideas
  • NO devil’s advocates in brainstorming… they are the DEVIL!

This one wasn’t really from WordCamp, but found it in my email this evening and couldn’t resist:



Lazyweb: Dept Manuals on WP?

Let’s say you were using WordPress for a corporate intranet.

WP developers: How would you handle multi-section department manuals that are maintained by multiple people and needs to be printable for new employees as part of their orientation?

I’ve found myself in this situation:

  1. Current dept manual is made up of a large collection of Word documents and PDF files.
  2. Two or three people in the department maintain these documents.
  3. For each change, a new document gets uploaded to the intranet site.
  4. User access all these files from a webpage that contains an outline … downloading a new copy of each Word doc everytime they access that particular section.
  5. Printing a complete manual is a ridiculous pain.

I’m wondering if there’s a WordPress plugin that allows the ‘building’ of a book of sorts w/ pages/posts. Does this exist? I’d love to get the dept manual contents into WordPress content areas — benefiting from search, revision history, role access, etc. The icing on the cake would be the ability to not only set parent pages (already in WP), but also, page/section order (users would then be presented w/ fwd/back nav elements on each page in order to progress through.)

Anyone dealt with something like this before?


My wife’s new blog

Martha has been documenting her journey ever since being diagnosed with melanoma earlier this fall. It’s been nice getting to watch her put her thoughts, feelings, worries, and joys into words. Unfortunately, she’s been growing tired of the limitations of her current setup and has been longing for a real blogging platform. Fortunately, she’s married to a fan of WordPress and he happens to have spare webspace.

So, while we work to move her previous content to the new WP install, go ahead and bookmark This is Martha.

UPDATE: She’s mostly moved in to the new blog!


WP 2.7 beta 1

I just upgraded to WordPress 2.7 beta 1… I’m overwhelmed by the new Dashboard. I haven’t gotten any further than that. It’s gorgeous. I can’t wait to get ‘comfy’ w/ this release.


WP Plugin ‘Live Update’?

Holy cow. Leave the WordPress world for a few years and the features just seem amazing. Apparently, the latest version (or perhaps one a few releases earlier) notifies you when you have a plugin that is out of date and will allow you to update it from w/in the admin interface. No more tracking down the plugin author’s website, downloading, unzipping, uploading to your server, and configuring.