Proud of My Wife

I don’t suppose this is a terribly unique feeling/perspective I’m enjoying at the moment.

My wife has an unfortunate history with Melanoma. Maybe I shouldn’t use the word history – that implies it’s over or done. She’s still fighting stage 4 and has run out of approved drugs at this point. There’s still hope. God is providing relief from pain, stability for our kids, plenty of love from friends and family, and after a scare with tumors in her brain in January, she finally started a promising new clinical trial two weeks ago.

So, yeah, there’s the typical, «My wife’s fighting a horrible disease and I’m proud of her». But more than that, my wife is an incredible researcher. She’ll latch onto a topic and become remarkably educated in a short amount of time. It should come as no surprise that for the past few years, she’s read about, bought, and tested lots of different varieties of sunscreen. She’s decided to start blogging about her favorites and what you and I should be looking for when we buy and apply it.


27 things I love about my wifey on her 27th birthday

  1. You chase God.
  2. You’re sweet to the point of reputation.
  3. You pretend to wear Joey’s pajamas.
  4. You’ve become quite the home-maker (not house-cleaner, home-maker!)
  5. You’re often cold and cuddle-ready.
  6. You scratch my head.
  7. You don’t put up with my laziness.
  8. You make great desserts!
  9. You admit having a carseat fetish.
  10. You have the cutest little feet.
  11. You’re a wonderfully loving, guiding, fun-hunting mother to our children.
  12. You look adorable while you play Brain Age.
  13. You do ‘photoshoots’ with our kids.
  14. You’re not afraid to get on your knees when you sing that you’re on your knees!
  15. “These lips? I’ve had them for years. I can’t do anything with them.”
  16. You’re not afraid of tech.
  17. You’ll prepare foods you don’t like – just for me.
  18. You know overcast days cheer me up.
  19. You’re known for your web researching skills.
  20. You change a tire faster than me.
  21. You forgave me for not remembering the first time we met.
  22. You’re giving our kids the love of books.
  23. You put up w/ my odd taste in music.
  24. You’re endlessly forgiving.
  25. You need me to hold you during the ‘scary movie’ commercials.
  26. Your smile.
  27. You said yes.