Talk: You’ve got some Intranet on your shirt

I had the opportunity to speak at tonight’s Tucson WordPress Meetup at CoLab Workspace. I built a corporate intranet with WordPress last year and these slides tell the story.

Tonight was a great learning experience. Hopefully, they’ll have me back as a speaker – I wasn’t able to share my love for Grunt.js. (I now know just how short 10m is!)


We Dev in Exciting Times!

I ran across a really exciting post from Dudley Storey this morning that walks through what may come to web developers – at least the CSS side of things – in the next year.

Of the features/items he covers, I am really looking forward:

  • CSS blend modes
  • CSS Shapes, Regions, and Exclusions layout lust!
  • Flexbox
  • Macaw Please make a Windows version?
  • and the potential for a real adaptive images solution

Bring it, 2014!


My Sublime Text 3 User Prefs

I’m mostly posting this as a reminder to myself that I have my config backed up somewhere. 😉

That being said, I’ve found other folks’ Sublime Text 3 preferences really interesting. So, for bits and giggles… here’s mine:


Chevrons Code Sprint

Is it still a code sprint if you’re the only one doing it? 😉

Last night, I spent some time adding a couple new features to Chevrons for Dropplets as well as adding a little polish. I’m feeling pretty good about the theme at this point and will be committing the latest changes soon.

Here’s what I managed to bake in last night:


Then, three weeks later:

  • flipped back to a darker color scheme
  • update FontAwesome again
  • switched to Adobe Edge Web Fonts (freely available, thus distributable)
  • ditched Bootstrap

custom date parser for jQuery tablesorter

I have a project that stores dates in “Feb 09, 2010” format and I’ve been loving the jQuery plugin – tablesorter – for the flexibility and convenience it offers. Unfortunately, the three parsers that ship as part of the tablesorter plugin (isoDate, usLongDate, and shortDate) never seem to work correctly when attempting to sort the dates in my tables. So, after banging on it for a while, I’ve come up w/ the following date parser. Feel free to alter as much as you’d like.

$(function() {
var monthNames = {};
monthNames["Jan"] = "01";
monthNames["Feb"] = "02";
monthNames["Mar"] = "03";
monthNames["Apr"] = "04";
monthNames["May"] = "05";
monthNames["Jun"] = "06";
monthNames["Jul"] = "07";
monthNames["Aug"] = "08";
monthNames["Sep"] = "09";
monthNames["Oct"] = "10";
monthNames["Nov"] = "11";
monthNames["Dec"] = "12";
id: 'bishDate',
is: function(s) {
return false;
format: function(s) {
var hit = s.match(/([A-Za-z]{3})s(d{2}),s(d{4})/);
var m = hit[1];
m = monthNames[m];
var d = "0" + hit[2];
d = d.substr(d.length - 2);
var y = hit[3];
return "" + y + m + d;
type: 'numeric'

// then force your custom parser on the column you need
headers: {
5: {sorter: 'bishDate'}