Fickle Dev

I’m a loyal husband.

When it comes to software… I’m apparently quite fickle.

I seem to cyclically rotate from Chrome > Firefox > Safari > Opera (and some of their developer/preview versions) as my default browser every couple months. I also tend to do the same with code editors like Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, Atom, and others. Looking back, I’ve done it with WordPress, Ghost, and some other CMSes over the years.

Freedom to switch is a powerful thing. But I’d really be a fan of myself if I’d jot down a note in some consistent place about why I’m switching.

Someone build Switch Log or Fickle Logic or whatever you think it should be called.

Launch Postbox’s Profile Manager on a mac

I’ve used Firefox and Thunderbird for a long time on the PC/Linux sides of the fence(s). Recently, I discovered Postbox at work and it’s been serving my IMAP client needs very well.

I decided to install it on my macbook the other day and configured it for my IMAP account at work. When I wanted to create another profile for my personal Gmail account, I was stumped as to how to invoke Postbox’s Profile Manager. Surely it had one. It’s based on Thunderbird! I’m sure I could guess at the shortcut syntax for the PC, but on the mac, I felt pretty noobish.

So, after some hunting, I found some instructions for starting Thunderbird’s profile manager on a mac… In a terminal window, type the following:

/Applications/ -p &

Apparently, the “&” at the end of that line just tells Terminal to quit after launching the Profile Manager.

So, I tried the following for Postbox:

/Applications/ -p &

It worked perfectly!

New job & New skills

I started my new job last Monday and I’m really excited about the things I’m going to learn while here. It’s strange to ‘grow up’ in my IT skills at one location for 9 years and then end up in a place where things are pretty different. There’s much less reliance on Windows servers, little to no Outlook use (yes!), and I actually get to work on web development projects. It’s bizarre to walk through the hallways and see so many Macs amongst the Windows machines. It’ll be interesting to get my feet wet supporting the Mac side of the force.

There’s a lot of *nix server management that’s being done w/ vi. I need to get much more comfortable w/ this editor. It’s pretty awkward to use right now. Though, I do admire it’s power. I need to make myself a command ref. I can stick to the side of my monitor…