Hospital Bill

Just looked at the hospital bill we got that covers all the things that have happened since Martha first got diagnosed w/ Melanoma (die cancer, die!) this past September…

So, this covers two surgeries, several ‘minor procedures’, imaging, visits, etc.:

Total hospital charges: $28,655.49
Adjustments to date: $-22,091.34
Amount pending from insurance: $229.85
Already paid by insurance: $-6,356.30
Already paid by patient: $0.00
Amount [we] owe now: $50.00

Wow! I’m not about to get into the current healthcare reform stuff (I’m not intellectually equipped to do so) … but, wow, thank God for a job, a job that’s a good job, and a job that provides insurance.


My wife’s new blog

Martha has been documenting her journey ever since being diagnosed with melanoma earlier this fall. It’s been nice getting to watch her put her thoughts, feelings, worries, and joys into words. Unfortunately, she’s been growing tired of the limitations of her current setup and has been longing for a real blogging platform. Fortunately, she’s married to a fan of WordPress and he happens to have spare webspace.

So, while we work to move her previous content to the new WP install, go ahead and bookmark This is Martha.

UPDATE: She’s mostly moved in to the new blog!


Martha’s Faux-fins

My wife has stumbled upon a fake McMuffin… that’s even ‘good for you’.

Photo ‘recipe’ here. I love the last photo… Martha was pretending to steal Joey’s sandwich and got quite the reaction. 🙂