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Leathering No More

I figured I should probably explain why the Leathering posts just stopped in November.

The iPhone 8 Plus I got back in September was provided by my employer. To make a long story short, that cell phone reimbursement/provision benefit has ended.

So, I had to purchase a new phone and plan of my own… ended up going with a different phone that doesn't fit that beautiful leather case. As much as I liked that gorgeous, enormous screen and the portrait photo mode, the Plus is just too big in my book. I decided to go back to something similar in size to the 6s I recently replaced.

I debated just deleting all the leathering posts since I didn't do a very good job keeping lighting conditions consistent for the photos… but, I think I'll just leave them. They tell a good short story about how the leather case can change over several weeks. Who knows… maybe I'll eventually get a leather case for the new phone? If I do, I'll certainly apply what I've learned about lighting mistakes when I document the changes.

Leathering – week 8

51 days in.

I'm realizing that while my location and time of day have been fairly consistent for these photos. The lighting conditions have varied drastically… might have to setup a rudimentary light box in the garage or something.

Leathering – week 7

44 days in.

Leathering – week 6

37 days in.

This photo may look a little different… I got delayed by an event and wasn’t able to take the picture at the same time of day. In addition, we had a beautifully cloudy day that affected the lighting for sure.

That said, the case looks great; I’m still really happy with it.

Leathering – week 5

30 days in. I think – when comparing this to some of my earlier photos – I’m starting to see a little more character emerge.  I'll admit the idea of being able to charge my phone wirelessly was one of the reasons I felt compelled to upgrade from my 6s. Earlier this week, I picked up an Anker wireless charger for my iPhone 8 Plus. I was a little hesitant to order one because I was worried I'd have to remove the case every time. Turns out I don't. It works great. I can just drop it on the pad and it starts charging away.  I'm thrilled.

Leathering – week 4

23 days in.

Still really happy with this case. Feels really nice in my hand.

Leathering – week 3

16 days in.

Leathering – week 2

9 days in.

Leathering – week 1

I picked up a nice brown leather case (Apple | Amazon) for my new phone earlier this week. I figured it could be fun to track how it wears over time. So…

Maybe after a year I’ll compile them into a time lapse or something?

Amazing phone wallpapers made from satellite imagery

WLPPR – These are ridiculously gorgeous!

WLPPR image sample

Every pattern on this page is, in fact, a satellite image of our own planet Earth. Which is breathtaking, but strangely unsurprising. Choose one as a wallpaper for your iPhone to always remember who you are and where you come from.

Not only are they gorgeous, it’s fascinating to see where in the world each image is from.

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