Lego Heroica

My son had a birthday last week. Instead of a party, he opted for a trip to the Lego store in Chandler, AZ. We’d never been… and I’ll admit that I was as excited as he was.

Before I get ahead of myself, I want to call out one of the employees at the store. Tiffany was amazing. She made our birthday/first-time visit a truly memorable one. I don’t know if it was simply because we were the first customers in the store that day, but she went out of her way for us – making sure we were enjoying ourselves, found what we needed, offered smart product suggestions, and even guided us to the nearest bathroom when an urgent need was made known. 🙂 High-five, Tiffany!

Here are some photos from our trip.

My find-of-the-day was a Lego Heroica set: Castle Fortaan.

Heroica is a new game from Lego that basically serves as an introduction to fantasy boardgames. The set we picked up is the larger set out of the 4 currently available. After cracking open the box, you build ‘rooms’ and connecting paths that can then be combined in a myriad of arrangements to form the board for your game. The game features different classes of heroes (wizard, knight, druid, etc.), weapons, potions, treasure, my daughter’s favorite: keys for locked doors, and several other fun elements. The complexity is simple enough for our 5-year-old to play along, incredibly engaging for our 7-year-old, and nerdy enough for this thirty-something dad.

We’ve played only 2 games so far and our family loves it.  It’s been fun to watch Joey and Abby celebrate together when they take down enemies and console each other when wounded. With three other sets available and plenty of room for ‘house rules’, I’m sure we’ll be playing this game over and over again.

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