Tokaido makes The Wirecutter’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Tokaido is in The Wirecutter's 2017 Holiday Gift Guide.

I saw this the other day and grinned. This headline is pretty much how I introduce new players to this game at Dice & Decks game nights.

Why we like it: Tokaido is a board game with beautiful art and a relaxing concept: Whoever has the chillest vacation wins. You and your companions journey through Japan, staying at inns, eating delicious food, taking baths, buying trinkets, admiring art, and visiting temples along the way. Many competitive board games encourage cutthroat tactics, but Tokaido’s simple concept and peaceful atmosphere make for a wholly pleasant group activity.

The Wirecutter
Whoever has the chillest vacation wins - Tokaido sits on a table
Tokaido is a beautiful experience.

If you feel like picking up a copy, here's an Amazon referral link. Do what you will. And be chill about it.


Week 1 with Droid

I’ve got to say, I’m still overcome with surprise and wonder that this powerful little device was a birthday gift (thanks, mom & dad!) What a shock!

From the few seconds it took to tell my Droid that, yes, I have a Google account and provide my credentials, I was in awe. All of the sudden, all my contacts were populated over the air. No importing CSV files with mismatched fields. No screwing around with synchronization conduits and cables. It just worked. And it was fantastic.

It’s been somewhat fun making my iPhone-owning friends jealous of how easy it is to toggle wifi or bluetooth on or off. If only I could say the same about the camera. Perhaps the speed/quality issue will be resolved in the fabled Dec 11 patch?

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using this phone over the last week. Best phone ever.