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The Atlantic


Deep Blue

I subscribe to a newsletter called Versioning from the informa-taining folks at SitePoint. There was a gem in this morning’s issue that I had to share:

Deep Blue

This is the most surreal news you’ll read today. Scientists have found an underground resevoir of water three times the volume of the world’s oceans. It’s inside a blue rock called ringwoodite, 700kms underground, in the earth’s mantle. And a ragtag group of oil rig workers, led by Bruce Willis, is going down after it. In theaters this Summer – The Core 2: This Time It’s Hydrological.

I busted a gut!

Famous brands updated with honest taglines

The Oatmeal: Misspelling

Epic! Read it now!

Abby does nap her way

This is how I found my daughter at the end of her nap the other day. Cracked me up.

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