Baked Mac

On a beautifully rainy day in Tucson, I wandered across the intersection on my lunch break and paid a visit to Chopped. I figured on a day like today, a soup & salad type combo would be ideal. However, upon perusing the menu, my eyes bumped into a section titled Baked Mac & Cheese.

I wasn’t watching myself in some out-of-body experience, but I’d imagine my eyebrows must’ve raised and I probably stopped breathing. I love me some baked mac.

I read a little closer and discovered you could opt for two add-ins. I should be able to give you the list of available options but as soon as I saw jalapeño and peppered bacon, I stopped reading and rushed to order.

That. was. glorious.

Joey’s first prayer

My two year old son said his first prayer on Friday night. You can only imagine the well of tears in our eyes… It went down like this:

We’d just left Villa (an awesome, family-owned Mexican restaurant on Tucson’s NW side). Martha and I had our usual – red chili beef quesadilla and a carne asada burrito – and ordered a shredded beef taco for Joey… of which he had none. So, as we’re driving out of the parking lot, we’re all chit-chatting in the car…

“Stop talking a me! I pray to God.” Mar and I were stunned… We got real quiet.

“Jesus, thank you for my taco.”

That was it. And I think it was a fantastic start.