Breaker 1-9

Back in November, both kids had a sudden urge to start riding their bikes a ton. I say sudden because it felt really strange. They’d both learned to ride bikes years ago, but due to a horribly negligent father «ahem» that hadn’t fixed some flat tires, they hadn’t ridden in at least a year and […]


Yesterday evening, my wife pointed out our kids quietly playing Xbox together – beautifully – on the couch. I thought I could sneak over and grab a photo or two… turned into this goofiness.   I live for moments like this. (Apologies for the tiny image… had to make it small to keep the filesize […]

Diary of a Singl-ish Dad – Day 1 & 2

My beautiful wife left town yesterday with her good friend. They headed up to Las Vegas late in the afternoon to lend support to my friend Lang’s fiancée as she waits on his healing. Sounds like Lang’s taken a turn for the worse and that’s weighing on us all… Keep praying. Yesterday was an interesting […]