Review: Oxo 9-Cup Coffee Maker

TL;DR: This OXO coffee maker was sent to us to review for free & our family has been using a Zojirushi coffee maker up until this showed up. Read this review with all that in mind.


I don’t remember how, but some time ago, I registered for the OXO Insider Program. They’ve sent me a couple things to evaluate in our kitchen over the last year in exchange for a written review of the items. We’ve enjoyed a silicon pressure cooker rack and a citrus prep, peeler, and zester tool. I was shocked when I got an email last month that indicated their 9-Cup Coffee Maker was available to review. I jumped on the chance and after a shipping delay, I was stoked to find one sitting at my door.

The other thing you ought to know before reading this review, I’m comparing this to the Zojirushi 10-Cup coffee maker we’ve been using for the last year or so. We’ve been very happy w/ the Zojirushi unit. The following is a look at how well the Oxo unit works.

Appearance & Build Quality

Oxo 9-Cup Coffee Maker on counter next to Oxo Burr Grinder

I’ve gotta say – one of the first things I noticed about this coffee maker is that it looks really nice. It’s got a wonderfully clean look to it. And it matches their burr grinder really well.

The doors are easy to open and the carafe slides in and out of its spot easily enough. One minor thing that bugged me is the control dial. While it does what it needs to – it does feel a little on the chintzy side.

Control dial on Oxo 9-Cup Coffee Maker

Brewing Experience

While this brewer has a setting to make 1-4 cups in a pot, we always brew w/ the 5-9 cups setting. We’ve found that the “9 cups” is about enough for my wife and I to have a cup of coffee before work, and both take a to-go cup on the road.

Since this machine only has a knob and a button, figuring out how they worked was a little bit of an adventure. Thankfully, the instructions are clear enough to follow. The buttons on the Zojirushi were easier to intuit meaning, but I’ll be the first to admit they have a ‘truck stop coffee maker’ look to them. That said, it’s pretty simple to just brew a pot or set it up to start brewing at a specific time the next morning.

We’ve been very surprised at the speed and lack of noise this machine brings to the table. A brewing cycle finishes in about 6 minutes and still produces a robust, flavorful cup. And it barely makes a sound during the process. We could hear our old brewer across the house churning away at its 15-minute cycle – granted, it was a sound full of hope every morning. But we’ve really come to appreciate how quiet this machine is. It simply makes great coffee w/o yelling at your about it. We also really like that the maker tells you how long it’s been since it finished the brew cycle. That’s slick.

Pouring from the carafe

We’re very happy with the results we’re getting with this maker. Every pot has been wonderfully smooth and just the right temp.


I’ve been impressed with how modular most of the product is. It’s really easy to quickly disassemble parts of the machine in order to give them a cleaning. It seems like everything water or coffee would flow through is easily removable for cleaning.

Our previous coffee maker did not offer this much flexibility… and I’m starting to feel a little uncomfortable about the lid to that unit’s carafe.


The Oxo 9-Cup Coffee Maker retails for $199.99. Though, I’ve seen it available at a discount from time to time at various places. Based on our experiences with it over the last couple weeks – I can wholeheartedly recommend you pick one up if you’re in the market for a coffee maker w/ a timer.


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