Temptation in the seat next to me

Martha and I are about 8 days away from the end of the DietBet game we’re in. We’re both so close to hitting our goal weight! It’s been a fight, but we’ve done well over the last 3 weeks. Today happens to be my daughter’s 9th birthday. Happy Burpee, Abbilicious! After an entire-family-snuggle-session in our […]

27 things I love about my wifey on her 27th birthday

You chase God. You’re sweet to the point of reputation. You pretend to wear Joey’s pajamas. You’ve become quite the home-maker (not house-cleaner, home-maker!) You’re often cold and cuddle-ready. You scratch my head. You don’t put up with my laziness. You make great desserts! You admit having a carseat fetish. You have the cutest little […]