Launch Postbox’s Profile Manager on a mac

I’ve used Firefox and Thunderbird for a long time on the PC/Linux sides of the fence(s). Recently, I discovered Postbox at work and it’s been serving my IMAP client needs very well.

I decided to install it on my macbook the other day and configured it for my IMAP account at work. When I wanted to create another profile for my personal Gmail account, I was stumped as to how to invoke Postbox’s Profile Manager. Surely it had one. It’s based on Thunderbird! I’m sure I could guess at the shortcut syntax for the PC, but on the mac, I felt pretty noobish.

So, after some hunting, I found some instructions for starting Thunderbird’s profile manager on a mac… In a terminal window, type the following:

/Applications/ -p &

Apparently, the “&” at the end of that line just tells Terminal to quit after launching the Profile Manager.

So, I tried the following for Postbox:

/Applications/ -p &

It worked perfectly!

First 10 Songs

Instructions: Go into your media player of choice (iTunes, Songbird, Winamp, etc.), arrange all your songs alphabetically, then list the first 10 that show up. And be honest.

  1. A&E – Goldfrapp
  2. A). Shepherds of the Northern Pasture – Joy Electric
  3. Able to Love – Benny Benassi & The Biz
  4. Acquiesce – Stavesacre
  5. Adagio & Transfiguration – Final Fantasy Movie
  6. Adagio for Strings – DJ Tiësto
  7. Agnus Dei / Worthy – Third Day
  8. Alive – Daft Punk
  9. Alive – Drain S.T.H.
  10. All Around Me – Flyleaf

Your turn.

New job & New skills

I started my new job last Monday and I’m really excited about the things I’m going to learn while here. It’s strange to ‘grow up’ in my IT skills at one location for 9 years and then end up in a place where things are pretty different. There’s much less reliance on Windows servers, little to no Outlook use (yes!), and I actually get to work on web development projects. It’s bizarre to walk through the hallways and see so many Macs amongst the Windows machines. It’ll be interesting to get my feet wet supporting the Mac side of the force.

There’s a lot of *nix server management that’s being done w/ vi. I need to get much more comfortable w/ this editor. It’s pretty awkward to use right now. Though, I do admire it’s power. I need to make myself a command ref. I can stick to the side of my monitor…

Movie age limits

Well, I have the good fortune of fighting a cold today. Thankfully, the kids have been in good moods and Martha’s been sweet enough to let me sleep in and has assumed most of the load of entertaining/directing the kids.

I started watching the extended edition of Fellowship of the Ring while they were napping. I made it an hour in before Joey came out and asked permission to ‘wake up’. I, of course, paused the movie and began mulling over when the right time would be to introduce him to the Lord of the Rings series and even Star Wars. He knows of Star Wars… I have too much licensed product in my house for it to be avoided. almost enough Star Wars stuff and he’s asked me who a few characters are, what ships are called, etc. But he hasn’t seen any of the movies.

I’ll confess that I long for the day he digests the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings movies with me. They’ll be important days in the geekling’s life. They’ll be planned out, scheduled for, and celebrated.

But before all that, I have several questions to ask myself. I figured I’d share mine and perhaps collect a few from you.

  • How much stock to I put in the rating system that’s already in place? (G, PG, PG-13, etc.)
  • How much violence is too much? Is there such a thing?
  • When do I want to talk to my son/daughter about killing in movies/stories?
  • When do I want to talk to my son/daughter about the need to kill?
  • How many years of love will my kids need under their belts before they face the likes of the Lidless Eye or Darth Vader killing Kenobi? Or Luke’s whining, for that matter?

I’m sure I’ll come up w/ more. How will you decide when to expose your kids to these stories? How have you decided? Thoughts?

Dream job?

Ran across my dream job (I think) at the U of A’s College of Pharmacy last week.

ssuajobIt sounds like many of the IT responsibilities I had in the past – w/ the added focus of web development. I’ve been wanting to get into the development side of things for a long time now. It’s exciting to think that this could be my ‘in’.

If you’re the praying type. Please pray for 1) an interview opportunity, and 2) that I’d accurately represent what I bring to the table in that interview.

Diary of a Singl-ish Dad – Day 6

Today began as most of the others this past week, but with one small difference. I knew she was coming home today.

That colored everything I did today. Grammie was very sweet and took both kids Christmas shopping with her this morning. Then they got to play with Papa and Uncle James for a while in the afternoon. That gave me a lot of time to rest and get some things done for my sweet love around the house – uninterrupted! It was awesome.

I was really looking forward to surprising Martha with the Christmas lights I’d put up on Thursday. And her reaction was better than I expected. I wasn’t expecting anything overwhelming – but I could tell she was touched and it put a big smile on her face. Merry Christmas indeed.

We – unfortunately – had to say goodbye to Uncle James tonight. He’s heading to San Diego tomorrow to sign papers and begin the ‘move in’ process. Though, even with the looming goodbye, we had a ton of fun with him and are looking forward to being back together in a few weeks for Christmas.

Ahh… she’s home.

Diary of a Singl-ish Dad – Day 3

What a difference a day makes?

Sadly, the news from up in Vegas wasn’t good today. Lang’s struggling through a bad day. Keep praying.

The kids and I stayed in pajamas until nap time. And even that was late. I finally got them settled down to rest at about 3:30. On the bright side, I did actually pull off something productive and got my shelf installed when I should have been making the kids’ lunch. 🙂 Now I just have to decide what to put on the shelf.

I’m hoping to switch gears post-nap and have a really pleasant – and non-slackery – night. I think oven-baked pizza and Charlotte’s Web is on the menu.