Lazyweb: Dept Manuals on WP?

Let’s say you were using WordPress for a corporate intranet.

WP developers: How would you handle multi-section department manuals that are maintained by multiple people and needs to be printable for new employees as part of their orientation?

I’ve found myself in this situation:

  1. Current dept manual is made up of a large collection of Word documents and PDF files.
  2. Two or three people in the department maintain these documents.
  3. For each change, a new document gets uploaded to the intranet site.
  4. User access all these files from a webpage that contains an outline … downloading a new copy of each Word doc everytime they access that particular section.
  5. Printing a complete manual is a ridiculous pain.

I’m wondering if there’s a WordPress plugin that allows the ‘building’ of a book of sorts w/ pages/posts. Does this exist? I’d love to get the dept manual contents into WordPress content areas — benefiting from search, revision history, role access, etc. The icing on the cake would be the ability to not only set parent pages (already in WP), but also, page/section order (users would then be presented w/ fwd/back nav elements on each page in order to progress through.)

Anyone dealt with something like this before?

By bishless

just some guy.