Launch Postbox’s Profile Manager on a mac

I’ve used Firefox and Thunderbird for a long time on the PC/Linux sides of the fence(s). Recently, I discovered Postbox at work and it’s been serving my IMAP client needs very well.

I decided to install it on my macbook the other day and configured it for my IMAP account at work. When I wanted to create another profile for my personal Gmail account, I was stumped as to how to invoke Postbox’s Profile Manager. Surely it had one. It’s based on Thunderbird! I’m sure I could guess at the shortcut syntax for the PC, but on the mac, I felt pretty noobish.

So, after some hunting, I found some instructions for starting Thunderbird’s profile manager on a mac… In a terminal window, type the following:

/Applications/ -p &

Apparently, the “&” at the end of that line just tells Terminal to quit after launching the Profile Manager.

So, I tried the following for Postbox:

/Applications/ -p &

It worked perfectly!

By bishless

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