School’s Out For Summer!

I worked from home today since the kids are now out of school and the wife still had to work. At some point mid-day, I got the inkling to go work outside on the patio since it wasn’t as hot as it has been. Sure, it’s summer in Arizona… but I’ve lived here most of […]

Setting custom field values on old WordPress posts in bulk via WP-CLI

If you are a WordPress user that takes advantage of custom fields and WP-CLI… this may interest you. Let’s say you’re using ACF field groups on posts in a certain category. You have a new custom field with a default value you’ve added to that field group. You’ve already modified the template to conditionally show […]


I use a lot of browsers throughout the day. Up until a couple days ago, that meant when testing specific things, I had to right-click a link, copy the url, then paste into the browser I wanted to test in. With Bumpr installed and set as my default browser, it intercepts links I click and […]

Fickle Dev

I’m a loyal husband. When it comes to software… I’m apparently quite fickle. I seem to cyclically rotate from Chrome > Firefox > Safari > Opera (and some of their developer/preview versions) as my default browser every couple months. I also tend to do the same with code editors like Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, […]