So, it’s getting more and more obvious to me that I long to be creative. More often, I’m finding myself daydreaming about a new career path… one that doesn’t involve job responsibilities that can basically be described as putting out people’s fires. I’d love to be in a job where I could produce something – where I could create.

As a step in that direction, I’m seriously considering getting a website up and running again. I’d like it to be a semi-personal space where I can hone my atrophying design skills and start to build some things to showcase to potential interviewers and employers.

Here’s the question I keep coming back to:
What domain name do I register?

My old ones got taken by lame cybersquatter companies. Here’s a list of names I’m considering:




Joey’s first prayer

My two year old son said his first prayer on Friday night. You can only imagine the well of tears in our eyes… It went down like this:

We’d just left Villa (an awesome, family-owned Mexican restaurant on Tucson’s NW side). Martha and I had our usual – red chili beef quesadilla and a carne asada burrito – and ordered a shredded beef taco for Joey… of which he had none. So, as we’re driving out of the parking lot, we’re all chit-chatting in the car…

“Stop talking a me! I pray to God.” Mar and I were stunned… We got real quiet.

“Jesus, thank you for my taco.”

That was it. And I think it was a fantastic start.


Martha’s Faux-fins

My wife has stumbled upon a fake McMuffin… that’s even ‘good for you’.

Photo ‘recipe’ here. I love the last photo… Martha was pretending to steal Joey’s sandwich and got quite the reaction. 🙂


27 things I love about my wifey on her 27th birthday

  1. You chase God.
  2. You’re sweet to the point of reputation.
  3. You pretend to wear Joey’s pajamas.
  4. You’ve become quite the home-maker (not house-cleaner, home-maker!)
  5. You’re often cold and cuddle-ready.
  6. You scratch my head.
  7. You don’t put up with my laziness.
  8. You make great desserts!
  9. You admit having a carseat fetish.
  10. You have the cutest little feet.
  11. You’re a wonderfully loving, guiding, fun-hunting mother to our children.
  12. You look adorable while you play Brain Age.
  13. You do ‘photoshoots’ with our kids.
  14. You’re not afraid to get on your knees when you sing that you’re on your knees!
  15. “These lips? I’ve had them for years. I can’t do anything with them.”
  16. You’re not afraid of tech.
  17. You’ll prepare foods you don’t like – just for me.
  18. You know overcast days cheer me up.
  19. You’re known for your web researching skills.
  20. You change a tire faster than me.
  21. You forgave me for not remembering the first time we met.
  22. You’re giving our kids the love of books.
  23. You put up w/ my odd taste in music.
  24. You’re endlessly forgiving.
  25. You need me to hold you during the ‘scary movie’ commercials.
  26. Your smile.
  27. You said yes.

That which he hears

I recently learned something very important about retention in my son’s life at this point:

It happens.

I think Martha had gone out to do some shopping or was in the shower… I don’t remember exactly. Joey, Abby, and I were entertaining ourselves in the living room. On my way into the kitchen to do some dishes, I started up Songbird to play some music (FFVIII Piano Collection).

After 15 minutes or so, I turned to find Joey sitting at the computer, ‘chair-dancing’ and pretending to use the mouse.

“Play pew-er, Da-y. Play pew-er!”

“Are you playing computer?”


I dried off my hands and wandered over to play with him for a while. We clicked a few random songs and then ended up on the Songbird homepage. He quickly spotted the screencast and instructed me to click on it. It’s basically a ‘this is songbird, here’s feature a, it can also do feature b’ kinda thing. At one point, the narrator says ‘songbird’ in a distinctive, movie trailer-ish way… it made me chuckle. Joey imitated him and we both laughed. It’s a hoot to hear a two year-old attempt (and mostly pull off) speaking in a deep, dramatic voice.

I forget what we did after that, but I’d thought nothing of it until he said it again in the bathtub last night.

“Songbird” he said, complete w/ furrowed eyebrows and dramatic depth.

Fathers beware.


Trick or Treating w/ Joey and Abby

We took our 2-year-old and (near)5-month-old trick or treating tonight. They got dressed up as the cutest little duckies you ever saw.

Joey had a great time ‘a-treat’ing and was very polite to the folks handing out candy. After each house, we’d hear, “no’r canny?” (another candy?) Despite being a little warm, he had a great time.

Oh, and here are the jack-0-lanterns Joey and I carved…


Vagrant Story DS?

I just ran across a thread on re: what will come from Square-Enix after Final Fantasy III… it’s the typical fanboy blabbing about lust for more FF/mushroom kingdom/disney crossover games.

What I want to see? A retelling of Vagrant Story.

That was a beautiful game… if only I still had a PSX to play it on. 🙁