Apple drops the UX ball

This morning, in the middle of my cup of coffee, I noticed that the App Store icon on the Macbook was indicating that I had 3 updates to download and install.

“Oh! I wonder what needs updating?” I think to myself.

I click the icon and hop over to the Updates tab. Unfortunately, nothing exciting needs updating. But, I click on one of the Update buttons anyway.

Before any updating happens, I’m presented w/ a popup form and asked to sign in to my Apple account.

“Huh? I thought I was already signed in.”

I enter my credentials, click login, and I’m presented w/ a message indicating that my account has been disabled for security reasons and needs to be reset. I get transferred to the webpage Apple’s setup for account self-service (iForgot – makes me roll my eyes).

I reset my password and get properly signed into the App Store. Back to the Updates tab again and click on an Update button. Another warning pops up. I now need to update my payment information (mind you, I bought these apps months and months ago… I’m not buying anything right now). /sigh

I get my payment information updated (nothing changed, just had to confirm the info). I click on Update for a third time to update a piece of software. I’m presented w/ yet another popup warning. I need to agree to a new terms of use. Holy crap!

At this point, I’m pissed. And it’s legal jargon TLDR situation. I quickly click the Agree button and fume as I go back to the Updates tab and click the Update button.

Finally… FINALLY, the update begins to download.

For the love, Apple, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!

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