Career Day Thank You Notes

Career Day was in full swing at my children’s school yesterday. Despite having to follow a helicopter pilot in one of the rooms, I had great fun speaking in 2nd, 3rd, and 6th grade classes. We talked about what IT stands for, helping sad/stressed-out users, wet computers, loud servers and switches, designing forms, and building websites.   When […]

Beginning The Black Axe

After picking up The Black Axe yesterday, the kids asked to start reading it together tonight in place of their normal reading session in their own beds. Abby was so excited when I said, “Yes,” she ran and got the other two Mouse Guard books we have – just to have them near her. I enjoy listening to […]

Free Comic Book Day

We’re fortunate to live in a city where there were multiple stores participating in Free Comic Book Day yesterday. We managed to hit two – Heroes & Villains and Charlie’s Comics – before needing to grab lunch and triggering the ‘you just ate? you should nap’ sensation. I’d read something in a local paper about […]

GuestAdditions and Subtraction

Like many WordPress developers lately my day starts and ends with Varying Vagrant Vagrants. VVV’s really worth a look if you’re still working with MAMP, WAMP, XXAMP, or something similar. Truth. Sidenote: vvv-site-wizard Alison Barrett‘s vvv-site-wizard tool is the hotness. And despite what was preached at our local WP meetup… It does work on Windows. Problem 1: guest additions […]