Tip: Skype mentions

Make Skype a little more useful Let’s say that decision-makers in your organization/dept/team have declared that Skype will be the chosen client for instant messaging. Here’s a little trick I’ve found to fake ‘mentions’ functionality. /alertsoff /alertson daniel intranet area-of-responsibility puppies Throw any keywords you’d like after /alertson and it will highlight that word/string and […]

We Dev in Exciting Times!

I ran across a really exciting post from Dudley Storey this morning that walks through what may come to web developers – at least the CSS side of things – in the next year. We dev in exciting times! » Dudly Storey's "CSS Level 4 And More: What's Coming In 2014" http://t.co/xAdMIBIDbj — bishopotamus (@bishless) […]

My Sublime Text 3 User Prefs

I’m mostly posting this as a reminder to myself that I have my config backed up somewhere. 😉 That being said, I’ve found other folks’ Sublime Text 3 preferences really interesting. So, for bits and giggles… here’s mine: