NaBloPoMo Conclusion

Well, I tried. November was too much for me. With the Melanoma Walk, several family birthdays, a huge project launch at work, and Thanksgiving tomfoolery… I wasn’t able to pull off my goal. I blogged on 10/30 days. Well, that’s if you count this post. I guess, I’ll challenge myself to write more in December.


Yesterday evening, my wife pointed out our kids quietly playing Xbox together – beautifully – on the couch. I thought I could sneak over and grab a photo or two… turned into this goofiness.   I live for moments like this. (Apologies for the tiny image… had to make it small to keep the filesize […]

Amazon Makes Me Smile

You shop. Amazon gives. Sounds good to me! My family has enjoyed an Amazon Prime membership for several years now. It just seems to make a ton of sense for our needs. Although, it’s still strange that I can go to the same place to get coffee delivered on a regular schedule (Subscribe & Save […]

King of Tokyo: Halloween

At its heart, Richard Garfield’s King of Tokyo is a push your luck dice game that’s really similar to Yahtzee. However, he’s wrapped it in a really fun Japanese monster king-of-the-hill battle full of amusing ridiculousness. And, well, it’s got a special place in my heart.   King of Tokyo is a game that seems […]

Friendly Phone Format

5205552381 is hard to read I’ve been building a new version of my employer’s Intranet. One of the new features I added is an Employee Directory (Goodbye ridiculous Excel file w/ 5 tabs and the headache it was to maintain it!). Unfortunately, in demoing it to a few folks, the common complaint was that the […]

Melanoma Walk 2013

Today’s the day. While it’s been really rough at some points in this roller coaster ride since Martha’s diagnosis in 2009, we’ve been covered by the grace of God and surrounded the the love of many. Over the last four years, it’s really overwhelming anytime I think of the hugs, meals, gift cards, rides, emergency […]