Chevrons Code Sprint

Is it still a code sprint if you’re the only one doing it? đŸ˜‰ Last night, I spent some time adding a couple new features to Chevrons for Dropplets as well as adding a little polish. I’m feeling pretty good about the theme at this point and will be committing the latest changes soon. Here’s […]

Lazyweb: Dept Manuals on WP?

Let’s say you were using WordPress for a corporate intranet. WP developers: How would you handle multi-section department manuals that are maintained by multiple people and needs to be printable for new employees as part of their orientation? I’ve found myself in this situation: Current dept manual is made up of a large collection of […]

Pillows of Bliss

My wife and I bought a new bed last week – on a whim, we also bought new pillows. After 12 years, our traditional spring, Queen-size mattress was really showing its age. I think we’ve both been struggling to sleep well on it for the past year. We’d talked about replacing the bed for a […]

Wear Black

May 6th is «Melanoma Monday». It’s part of Skin Cancer Awareness Month and it’s a perfect opportunity to get a free skin check that could very well save your life. Check yourself; Protect yourself I wear black for my wife, Martha . She and I urge you to take the risk of melanoma seriously and […]