Hidden Fracture

Yesterday we learned that my daughter has had a fractured bone in her foot for the last two months. Back in early March, my daughter fell off the climbing dome in our backyard and hurt her foot. «Merry Christmas, kids.» Of course, in the days that followed, we watched her limp a bit and complain […]

Publishing to Kindle

Learning a new board game can be tedious. Thankfully, it’s usually offset by the anticipation of playing for the first time. Dilemma: Pint Craft rules The game is great; the rules are disappointing. I was excited to get my copy of Pint Craft1, but that excitement was dampened when I opened the box and discovered the […]

Proud of My Wife

I don’t suppose this is a terribly unique feeling/perspective I’m enjoying at the moment. My wife has an unfortunate history with Melanoma. Maybe I shouldn’t use the word history – that implies it’s over or done. She’s still fighting stage 4 and has run out of approved drugs at this point. There’s still hope. God […]

An Adventure

I’ve been working heavily with 3 different WordPress installs for different organizations over the last several weeks. As much as I really like interacting with that platform, I’ve been tempted to start blogging again and wanted something lighter/simpler. Thanks to wpdaily.co (R.I.P.), I found Dropplets (now barely touched by the lead dev). I’m hoping it’ll […]