I was gifted a fire pit for Father’s Day. Tonight, I watched my daughter roast marshmallows while wearing glitter shoes, pajamas, swim goggles, and a wool Beanie.What season is it?

Tron: Legacy Reconfigured

I wasn’t really wow’d by the movie, but I can’t stop listening to Tron: Legacy Reconfigured. It’s such a great collection of remixes. There is certainly great source material to work from. Daft Punk did a fantastic job w/ the OST. My favorites: Derezzed (Remixed by The Glitch Mob) Adagio for Tron (Remixed by Teddybears) […]


I’m sure you’ve seen posts like this before. Some call it starting over. The writer makes an excuse or two for not posting more often, and then promises to bring more to the table in the future. I call it Reginning. I haven’t collected any excuses for you but this blog is beginning again. This […]