Dream job?

Ran across my dream job (I think) at the U of A’s College of Pharmacy last week. It sounds like many of the IT responsibilities I had in the past – w/ the added focus of web development. I’ve been wanting to get into the development side of things for a long time now. It’s […]


I saw this in the toy section the other day while browsing with my son. It had me drooling. Looks like Amazon’s got it going for $30 off! If I pull off a job soon, this may have to be a Christmas present to myself. 🙂

Diary of a Singl-ish Dad – Day 6

Today began as most of the others this past week, but with one small difference. I knew she was coming home today. That colored everything I did today. Grammie was very sweet and took both kids Christmas shopping with her this morning. Then they got to play with Papa and Uncle James for a while […]

Diary of a Singl-ish Dad – Day 3

What a difference a day makes? Sadly, the news from up in Vegas wasn’t good today. Lang’s struggling through a bad day. Keep praying. The kids and I stayed in pajamas until nap time. And even that was late. I finally got them settled down to rest at about 3:30. On the bright side, I […]

Diary of a Singl-ish Dad – Day 1 & 2

My beautiful wife left town yesterday with her good friend. They headed up to Las Vegas late in the afternoon to lend support to my friend Lang’s fiancée as she waits on his healing. Sounds like Lang’s taken a turn for the worse and that’s weighing on us all… Keep praying. Yesterday was an interesting […]