[I walk into the master bedroom w/ freshly heated baked beans and sit down to work at the computer.] Mar: “I was praying that you’d know to bring me ice cream.” Me: “I’m sorry, I had beans on my mind.” Mar: “No. Obviously, you weren’t listening to the Holy Spirit.”

Abby’s two

I still can’t believe it’s already here. The girl had a perfect day. We spent plenty of time w/ Grammie and Papa… and she got some fun presents that she just loves. She even got serenaded on the phone by some of her friends. I think she really felt special. Abby’s Second Birthday from Daniel […]

bish vs. WU… fight!

I just managed to win my three day fight with Windows Update. What an ordeal to get updates to install! I figured I’d post my experience here so that anyone that happens to have a similar problem might find the solution or at least a direction they should start looking should they happen to find […]